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Focus on the research and development of high performance fiber

Rich Experience In Composite Manufacturing
The core members have many years of manufacturing experience in composite materials and adopt international advanced design concepts
Carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber and other high-performance fibers - R & D and production of one-stop solutions.
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Dedicated tracking and team support services
7 * 24 hours to meet the diversified customization needs of users
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It can be customized according to customer requirements.
Have a strong technical team, let customers enjoy worry free service
Intimate Value Added Services
Customer satisfaction as the purpose, service innovation and development
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Yixing zhongcarbon Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the weaving of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber and other high-performance fibers and the research and development of composite materials. It is one of the earliest domestic enterprises to independently research and produce high-performance carbon fiber fabrics It's -. Now our company has many product lines: carbon fiber fabric, aramid fiber fabric, basalt fabric, glass fiber fabric and all kinds of blended fabrics. In addition, our company directly manufactures various specifications of carbon fiber board. These products have been used in wind turbines...