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How about carbon fiber sheet reinforcement

Date:2021-05-26 Visits:38

Whether carbon fiber reinforcement is good or not, we can see from previous cases that most reinforcement companies now use carbon fiber reinforcement, there are two kinds of carbon fiber, one is carbon fiber sheet reinforcement, the other is carbon fiber board reinforcement. But this technology was initially developed in the United States, Japan and other developed countries, mainly using carbon fiber materials to reinforce and repair concrete structures.

With the rapid and healthy development of China's market economy and society, in the early years, some traditional buildings were designed with low load standard, and various problems would appear after long-term use of buildings. In addition, the use function of some buildings had undergone great changes. However, due to the different requirements of the buildings built at that time and the current specifications, the design of the buildings was not the same, Therefore, these houses need to be reinforced and repaired, and there are many common reinforcement methods, such as enlarging section method, wrapping steel reinforcement method, sticking steel reinforcement method, carbon fiber reinforcement method and so on. Among them, carbon fiber reinforcement technology has become another new industrial structure reinforcement technology after increasing concrete section and sticking steel.

Compared with the traditional reinforcement method, carbon fiber reinforced concrete has the advantages of no space occupation, simple construction and clean construction site, which ensures the final construction quality to a certain extent. The use of carbon fiber and the reinforcement of buildings not only will not change the size of the building structure, will not increase the weight of the building, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability. The new technology is now popular because buildings strengthened and repaired with carbon fiber have a longer life span and can save maintenance costs.

Once we know the benefits and advantages of CFRP, it is not difficult to know why the houses reinforced with CFRP are much better than other traditional reinforcement and maintenance

With the continuous improvement of carbon fiber reinforcement technology, its application scope is more and more extensive. In addition to the reinforcement and maintenance of buildings, it can also be used for the bending of concrete structures, shear reinforcement, reinforcement of concrete structures, bridges, beams, columns and slabs of buildings, tunnels, port facilities, chimneys, warehouses and factory buildings, salt damaged concrete Protection and reinforcement of bridges and river structures.