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How to cut carbon fiber board

Date:2021-05-26 Visits:43

Carbon fiber composites have excellent properties and are widely used in various manufacturing fields. The reinforcement and repair wall of factory building is usually bonded with steel or carbon fiber cloth. When there is no carbon fiber reinforcement, if the foundation or wall is damaged, the concrete should be poured and grouted again. Carbon fiber sheet (CFRP) reinforcement technology is a new type of structural reinforcement technology developed after bonding steel, which is a way to strengthen the structure. For the cutting of carbon fiber board, many processing workers are not familiar with it, because the price is too high, blind attempt will bring huge economic losses. So how to cut carbon fiber board? Next, let's introduce it

What problems should we pay attention to in the processing of carbon fiber board?

Carbon fiber board is generally composed of polyurethane resin and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is resistant to high temperature, but the general resin matrix is not resistant to high temperature.

Introduction to cutting method of carbon fiber board:

1. Ultrasonic cutting. Ultrasonic cutting is the use of ultrasonic energy to make the material produce fine, to achieve the cutting effect. Ultrasonic cutting machine cutting carbon fiber board clean, less damage to carbon fiber, batch production and processing enterprise cost is relatively high.

2. Mechanical cutting. When using the cutting wheel to cut, it is necessary to keep high speed to avoid burr. However, because carbon fiber resin is not resistant to high temperature, it is difficult to cut occasionally, resulting in poor finish and low efficiency after tool wear.

3. Water jet. It is made of water jet. The use of water knife is not direct cutting, there is also the need to add sand. Cutting carbon fiber board needs to be improved. Water jet cutting machine is suitable for cutting and solidification of all carbon fiber boards. This method is suitable for batch processing and easy to operate. However, it has high requirements for water jet cutting machine and poor quality machine tools are easy to produce cutting burr.

4. Laser cutting. Laser cutting machine needs to increase the cutting power to ensure the cutting effect. The cutting effect of ordinary low power laser cutting machine on carbon fiber products will have burn marks on the edge, so it is not recommended to use.

When cutting carbon fiber board in batches, it is recommended to use water cutting method. Of course, customers can choose the appropriate cutting method according to the actual needs, such as quantity, thickness, precision, etc.