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Strengthening steel structure with carbon fiber sheet

Date:2021-05-26 Visits:36

In recent years, steel structure building develops rapidly, which is due to the advantages of steel structure itself. The steel structure has light weight, good seismic performance, high resource recovery value, reusable and environmental protection. But steel structure is the same as concrete structure, and is easy to be affected by load or weather. Steel structure reinforcement is different from concrete reinforcement, but for both kinds of reinforcement, carbon fiber cloth can be used as their reinforcement material.

Traditional reinforcement technology of steel structure

In the steel structure reinforcement, welding is used before the reinforcement of carbon fiber. It is to weld steel plate in the parts with problems, which plays a role in strengthening and reinforcing the development of steel structure. Welding reinforcement engineering has a long application time and technical maturity, but there are some problems such as poor performance of materials after welding and high risk of operators.

Application of carbon fiber cloth in steel structure

The reinforcement method of carbon fiber cloth has been widely used in concrete structure. Compared with some old methods, carbon fiber reinforcement has obvious advantages. The most important is that the reinforcement of carbon fiber cloth does not need opening and welding, will not damage the steel structure, and ensure the strength and integrity of the original structure.

Although the reinforcement object before carbon fiber is concrete, it does not show that it is only suitable for reinforced concrete, and it is also being applied to steel structure slowly. However, it is shown from examples that carbon fiber cloth can effectively strengthen steel structure, especially damaged structure, which can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the structure and prolong the structure life.