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Technical Data

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The essence of sports competition is the competition of science and technology. Advanced and novel materials are one of the important conditions to improve the level of sports science and technology. Carbon fiber is an inorganic polymer fiber material with high carbon content. It is "flexible and rigid", with lighter quality than metal aluminum, but its strength is higher than that of steel. So carbon fiber composite is one of the new materials of hot and hot. In a sense, the small improvement of world records in any project often requires and relies on the promotion of technology. The advantages of carbon fiber composites in sports products are as follows:

1. light weight, small coefficient of thermal expansion:

Sports equipment such as pole support, golf club, tennis racket, bicycle, ski board and so on need manpower to make their sports. People hope that the lighter the weight is, the better, the composite has a great advantage in this respect. Its density is 1.76-1.80g/cm3, the density of the composite material is 1.50-1.60g/cm3, and the steel is about 7.87g/cm3. Obviously, CFRP is much lighter than that of metal material. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is almost zero at room temperature, and its thermal expansion coefficient is zero when the temperature is 200-400 ℃.

2. good damage safety performance

In the carbon fiber composites, due to the function of the body, the strain of the fibers is basically the same when the fiber is pulled in the direction of the fiber. The broken fibers still play a role due to the basic stress, except for the failure of the fracture.

3. large design freedom

The development of composite forming technology makes the design freedom greatly improved. The remarkable feature of fiber composite is anisotropy. By changing the direction and mode of fiber laying, the stress state in a certain direction can be enhanced or strengthened locally; According to the age, gender, skill level of athletes, etc., the design can be made to maximize the use effect of sports equipment. This is not possible with other general materials and equipment.