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Technical Data

Date:2021-05-26 Visits:15

Carbon fiber composites have many excellent properties, such as high strength (5 times that of steel), excellent heat resistance (can withstand high temperature above 2000 ℃), excellent thermal shock resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and radiation resistance, small heat capacity (energy saving), etc., so they can replace some traditional metal materials, especially in the production of some important parts, Now, Tianjin Yufeng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. introduces some design points of carbon fiber composite structural parts.

The first thing to be considered is the strength and stiffness of carbon fiber composite materials. Because the components have the ability to resist deformation and failure under the action of external load, how to determine whether the service load of the components will exceed the bearing capacity of the components is the primary problem to be considered in the structural design of carbon fiber composite materials, As well as the direction of carbon fiber layer determines the strength and stiffness of the composite. Therefore, in addition to the requirements of strength and stiffness, the stability and excellent thermal shock resistance of composite parts need to be considered in the design. The laminated structure is the key in the design. The excellent performance of the single-layer structure should be transferred to the composite structural parts, and the single direction of lamination should be avoided as far as possible.

In the manufacturing process of carbon fiber composite parts, it is not likely to adopt integral molding, which requires the connection between parts. Generally, carbon fiber composite materials have three kinds of connection methods, mechanical connection, cemented connection and mixed connection. The tensile fatigue strength of carbon fiber composites is better than that of metal materials, but the compression, shear and interlaminar shear induced fatigue failure of composites must be paid attention to.