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Technical Data

Date:2021-05-26 Visits:13

We often hear that XX sports car uses the new technology of Niu X. among these new technologies, carbon fiber material is the most common. So the question is: where is carbon fiber material? What are the advantages of car carbon fiber? Now let's have a chat.

The application of carbon fiber in automobile field starts from racing car, and has been widely used in civil automobile in recent years. Painted with varnish, deliberately revealing deep black woven patterns of carbon fiber components, not just to look like the wind, "high carbon" wind blowing more and more intense.

Carbon fiber is a new kind of fiber material with high strength and high modulus, which contains more than 95% carbon. It is made of flake graphite microcrystalline and other organic fibers stacked along the axial direction of the fiber, and the microcrystalline graphite material is obtained by carbonization and graphitization. Carbon fiber is "soft on the outside and hard on the inside". Its weight is lighter than that of aluminum, but its strength is higher than that of steel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus. It is an important material in national defense, military industry and civil engineering. It not only has the intrinsic characteristics of carbon material, but also has the softness and processability of textile fiber, so it is a new generation of reinforced fiber.

Generally, the density of carbon fiber is 1750kg / m3, which makes it more widely used in large aircraft. For example, A350 and A380 of Airbus and Boeing 787 all use carbon fiber composites to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the blades of large-scale wind turbines, the body of racing cars and high-end bicycles are important factors for the increasing demand of carbon fiber composites.

Moreover, carbon fiber has many excellent properties, such as high axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific performance, no creep, good resistance to ultra-high temperature and fatigue in non-oxidation environment, specific heat and conductivity between non-metal and metal, low coefficient of thermal expansion and anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, and good X-ray transmission. Good conductivity, good electromagnetic shielding and so on.

Compared with the traditional glass fiber, the young's modulus of carbon fiber is more than three times; Compared with Kevlar fiber, its young's modulus is about twice that of Kevlar fiber. It is insoluble in organic solvent, acid and alkali, and has outstanding corrosion resistance.