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Technical Data

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Carbon fiber is a kind of fiber material mainly composed of carbon element. Its characteristics vary with the content of carbon element. The content of carbon element is generally more than 90%. Therefore, carbon fiber has the characteristics of common carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance, easy conductivity and corrosion resistance, but it also has the characteristics that common carbon materials do not have, especially in its shape has significant anisotropy, softness, and can be processed into various kinds of fabrics, showing high strength along the fiber axis.

Carbon fiber reinforced materials were first used in military products, but with the development of carbon fiber technology and aerospace, scientific research and other fields, high-strength carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, especially in various missiles, launch vehicles, spacecraft and stealth fighters.

However, before 1994, due to the policy of embargo and blockade imposed on socialist countries by COCOM headed by the United States, China's carbon fiber technology, especially the high-performance PAN based precursor technology, has not changed a lot until China's accession to the WTO. Therefore, China's carbon fiber technology, in addition to the people continue to rely on themselves, there is no other choice.

After the development in recent years, China has realized the large-scale industrialized mass production of T300 grade carbon fiber around 2010; In 2012, China's T700 Carbon Fiber also achieved quantitative production; In early 2017, T800 grade carbon fiber also achieved mass production.

At the same time, with the continuous maturity of carbon fiber reinforcement technology and the continuous improvement of market awareness, the application scope of carbon fiber reinforcement technology in China is expanding. In addition to the aerospace industry and military products that have already formed an inherent understanding of the market, the application of carbon fiber reinforcement technology in the field of building reinforcement is more and more widely.

With the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, carbon fiber cloth has become a new favorite in the reinforcement and reinforcement of industrial and civil construction, road and bridge, water conservancy and other infrastructure structures, and has been more and more applied and promoted in civil construction.

Tianjin Yufeng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of carbon fiber felt since its establishment in 2013. Up to now, the processing of carbon fiber products has been expanded to new material products such as carbon fiber powder, lithium battery hard carbon anode material, short fiber (asphalt base), high softening point asphalt, carbon fiber needle felt, super capacitor activated carbon, electrode and special carbon binder. The company has a concise and efficient staff team with high comprehensive quality, rich experience and strong cohesion. It is a high-tech enterprise with complete pitch based carbon fiber production technology in China. Its products are used in photovoltaic, environmental protection, new composite materials, lithium battery anode materials, super capacitors and other emerging industries.