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Is the reinforcement effect of carbon fiber good

Date:2021-05-26 Visits:37

When it comes to carbon fiber cloth, most of them know that, because the general reinforcement materials are very popular, many people who are not in the reinforcement industry will ask, the effect of carbon fiber reinforcement is really No. in fact, why carbon fiber is so popular is mainly because of the wide use of carbon fiber. Next, it is recommended that the reinforcement effect of carbon fiber is not good

The reinforcement of carbon fiber cloth is to strengthen the parts of various problems of the building with special structural adhesive. The strength of carbon fiber cloth used in the process is several times that of ordinary secondary steel, and has the advantages of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and durability.

It is suitable for the treatment of building load increase, local function change, material aging, concrete strength grade reinforcement, structural cracks, and use in harsh environment. Reinforcement and repair of various structural types and various structural parts, such as beam, slab, column, top, pier, bridge, barrel, shell and other structural areas. It can be done well

Compared with other materials, carbon fiber materials have many advantages, such as 10 times strength compared with steel,; Secondly, carbon fiber and aramid fiber composite are also higher than that of carbon fiber; The weight of carbon fiber is also one fifth of steel. Carbon fiber sheet can be attached to various structural surfaces, and just now it is more suitable for regular member surface.

Because of the light materials, carbon fiber materials will not be operated in many dangerous ways during construction. Therefore, many enterprises will use carbon fiber to apply it in construction projects. Carbon fiber reinforcement is not only convenient for construction, but also has short construction period, low construction quotation, and the application scope and function of reinforcement is very large, but it is not omnipotent, Any product quality has its own attributes and applicability. Only by adopting various materials according to the problem can the product play its own role.