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Technical Data

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There are three common molding processes for carbon fiber products: carbon fiber molding, vacuum autoclave molding, and filament winding molding. Molding temperature refers to the mold temperature that carbon fiber materials need to reach according to the process requirements during molding, which has a decisive impact on the melting and flow of carbon fiber materials and the cross-linking reaction speed of resin, It directly determines the quality of carbon fiber products.

Molding temperature control is the most important link in the process of carbon fiber molding. What is the influence of molding temperature control on the process of carbon fiber molding?

In general, in a certain temperature range, if the temperature of the mold increases, the material will have better fluidity, and the speed of crosslinking and curing will be accelerated, so as to improve the production efficiency. However, if the temperature is too high, the crosslinking and curing of materials will start too early, so the curing speed is too fast. It will also make the cross-linking reaction of materials start too early and the curing speed is too fast, resulting in the uneven curing of the inner and outer layers of materials in the mold cavity. The surface materials harden first, while the low molecular substances produced by the cross-linking reaction are difficult to volatilize when the inner layer is cured, which will cause swelling, cracking and warping deformation of carbon fiber products, and also have a certain impact on the properties of carbon fiber products. If the temperature is too low, the fluidity of the material will decrease, the curing speed will slow down, and the crosslinking reaction can not be fully carried out, then the strength of the product will become low, and the surface layer which is not completely cured at low temperature will not bear the internal pressure, so swelling will appear.

In order to control the molding temperature, the special mold temperature machine is often used in carbon fiber molding process. The molding process is mainly composed of four steps: preheating - feeding - mold closing - curing - demoulding. The whole process has higher requirements for the carbon fiber mold warming machine, so the carbon fiber mold warming machine needs not only heating, but also cooling function.

Generally, the carbon fiber mold temperature machine is oil mold temperature machine, the maximum temperature is 300, controlled by PLC computer, with phased heating and cooling function, high temperature control accuracy. Accurately control the molding temperature, improve the efficiency of carbon fiber molding and product quality.